Our Story


Richard Totimeh, the founder of Juice Champs established the company in September of 2018 with the plan of creating a brand that will change the cold press juice market.

Richard was diagnosed with acute congestive heart failure at the age of 38 years old after being hospitalized for 6 days. There were recommendations of surgery to repair a damaged heart value causing leakage into the lungs or prescription of more than 6 medications.

Being diagnosed with this health issue changed his life, which propelled him to look for a more holistic approach to become healthier after refusing surgery. He then decided against taking some of the medications to avoid the numerous side effects associated with unnatural medicine.

His love of previous sporadic juicing inspired him to make great recipes during his recovery period. And within less than 4 months, the doctors and nurse practitioners were shocked and awed of the speed of recovery and improvement of his heart. The medical professionals inquired about how he was able to improve far beyond expectations and without taking all of the medications prescribed. Richard’s response was a lifestyle change specifically involving juicing almost every day.  

Richard’s remarkable recovery and ability to continue his qualify of life uninterrupted inspired him to bring his recipes, faith, love and enthusiasm for juicing to his family, friends and now to the public.

Richard is also on his way to becoming a certified juice therapist accredited with the complimentary medical association.